Courtesy of Claude Leveque, Le Grand Sommeil

My sessions are a blend of spiritual therapy, guided meditation and zero point energy work. I help you connect to your deeper Self and clear any blockages in your mind, heart and body that impede you to be in power of your life. 

All the answers, all the healings are in you. I simply help you uncover them, and transfer the tools for you to keep doing it yourself.


People usually experience a drastic shift after the first session which is a heart activation & a spiritual empowerment. We go deep inside the very core of your root trauma and remove the stuck energy that impedes you to flow freely. We replenish you with a new life-force and your whole energetic system is cleansed, reset and activated to its primordial potential. Self-healing can enfold.

$250. About 90mn. In person in West Hollywood or via phone. House calls available in Los Angeles area.

We can customize follow-up sessions depending on needs.

Note: the healing functions perfectly at a distance as the Zero Point Energy is non-local.